Develop One Healthy Habit in
30 Days So You Can Start Living
a Healthier, Fuller Life Today



Video Coaching

Weekly video sessions coaching you through the step by step process to build the ONE healthy habit you want to adopt.


Nobody said you didn't have to work for it! Workbook designed to help you build YOUR habit between coaching sessions.


Let's help each other make this happen! Our private Facebook group will serve as a place to support, share, and hold each other accountable.  

No more beating yourself up for getting OFF TRACK

No more wasting energy thinking about what you AREN’T doing

So many programs end and you are left not knowing what to do next… PROBLEM SOLVED! 

You get a BONUS private coaching session (valid at $125!) to help you make it all stick.

Habits build on each other, but you have to start with ONE thing in order to get going.


Develop One Healthy Habit in 30 Days So You Can Start Living a Healthier, Fuller Life Today

(Even if you’ve tried everything else to ditch bad habits and pick up good ones!)

During this 30-Day Program, you will discover how to: 

  • Create 1 new healthy habit this month
  • Get unstuck, take back your power, and change your behavior
  • Make your new habit achievable and avoid self-sabotage
  • Integrate your new habit into your life!
  • Take that new habit and use it to transform your life
Take advantage of the EARLY registration special! Sign up by September 25 and receive $30 off!

Use code: EARLY


"As a full-time working mother of two young children, I realized I needed more than just willpower to kickstart myself into a new nutrition routine...

After just a few weeks working with Jan, she was able to provide simple and easy steps to create a balanced nutrition routine that fit into my otherwise hectic life; while making suggestions that helped me regain balance personally, physically, and spiritually."

Sarah Zengo

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