Holiday "Kinda" Cleanse

Let's take 5 days this holiday season to clean up the space between parties!

Feel lively, fit, and festive!

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Have a COOKIE & EAT it!

  • Cleanse AROUND the Parties
  • Eat the cookie, but not them ALL
  • Move EVERY Day
  • Plan your MEALS & Plan your PARTIES!

YES! I am here to say you can do a holiday "cleanse" while still celebrating and having Gram's cookies... it's all about what we do with the space in-between.

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The HOLIDAYS don't have to be a downward SPIRAL!

Take these 5 days, mid-month, to remind yourself that you don't have to "start over" in January!

What you GET:

  • Meal Plan & Planner
  • Daily Quick Workout
  • Video Cooking Class & Group Coaching Call
  • Humor & Fun!

Why let the whole month go down the tubes when you can stay lively, fit, and feeling festive!

"Kinda" Cleanse


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Yes! I want to feel lively, fit & festive!

Let's have some fun and "kinda" cleanse December 9-13!


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