More Joy :
Less Weight

Release the WEIGHT that holds you back from living a life filled with JOY

Enrollment Reopens 2019

Our thoughts hold the KEY.

Over the course of six weeks, you will learn to become more aware of your thoughts, shift your behaviors, and release the "weight" that drags you down.


First we build awareness so that you begin to NOTICE all the thoughts that are weighing down your mind and body.

It's not the food...

Then we learn that weight is not really about the FOOD; rather, it's the reasons and behaviors that trigger us to eat that WEIGH our bodies down.

Find your LIVELY

Finally, we find "our" lively and how we can live our live free from the punishment, restriction, and WEIGHT, that has held us back from living a life of JOY.


If you are DONE spending the precious hours of your life DIETING, obsessing over your WEIGHT, beating yourself up for what you ATE, and giving away your JOY, then this is for you...

What you GET:

  • 6 private coaching sessions 
  • Course materials provided in private online membership site
  • 24/7 access to your coach for texting/email support
  • FREEDOM from the weight that has been holding you back


Do you want more JOY in your life?

Our thoughts hold the key…

6-week Coaching Program

Sessions Include:

  • Become aware of your thoughts and the weight of them on your life and body
  • Learn to release the judgmental thoughts and punishing behaviors that keep you stuck
  • Retrain your thoughts and find more joy in your life
  • Explore how to build positive eating and exercise habits free from punishment and restriction
  • Release the “weight” of all that is holding you back and keeping you from living the happy life you desire
  • Find your version of feeling your most LIVELY


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Enrollment Reopens January 2019

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If you are finally DONE dieting and obsessing over your WEIGHT, take action now and get ready for CHANGE.


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