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Bite sized coaching for you to nibble on all month long...


The Get Lively OnDemand Difference

Finally, an opportunity to stay consistent with your healthy eating, mindset, and movement habits without overwhelm or restriction!


The feeling of RELIEF knowing that you have a way to stay consistent with your healthy habits during Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall!

Focus on Mindset

The confidence to make positive health decisions AND freedom from the negative mindset that so often holds us back.

Guidance & Support

The resources and information that you need at your FINGERTIPS! No more countless hours spent searching the web.

What is Get Lively OnDemand?

Online membership designed to provide the support and guidance that you seek to help you stay CONSISTENT throughout the year and through all seasons of life.

 How it works:

  • Monthly coaching videos (bite sized!), worksheets, and resources designed to help you stay CONSISTENT with your healthy habits without feeling overwhelmed by content overload
  • TWO Monthly Group Coaching Calls: Access to me (your coach and cheerleader!) for support and guidance & your fellow members
  • LIVE Workouts & Guided Meditations
  • Coaching topics that specifically reflect what we typically experience during each season/month so we can embrace the good AND the struggles to feel our most LIVELY - and this means there is no “getting behind”
  • Delivered in a private membership site (separate from social media!) that you can access whenever you need it and stay connected to other members


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Join now and receive over $120 in monthly value for only $29/month!

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