Ready to GET the lifestyle you said you always wanted?

Good, I'm here to get you there.  Let's GET you some clarity on what you want and then GET into making it happen.

Get This!

Ready to GET the lifestyle you said you always wanted?

Good, I'm here to get you there.  Let's GET you some clarity on what you want and then GET into making it happen.

Get This!

Can you relate?

The strategies you’ve used before to get fit and feel better aren’t working anymore - or aren’t sustainable long term.

You’re tired of trying every new diet or meal plan under the sun, and are ready to build a healthy lifestyle you actually enjoy.

You want to feel healthier and stronger, but you struggle to stay engaged and be consistent with lifestyle changes.

Here is the breakdown...

GET Clear, GET Planning, GET Consistent


GET clear on what you want your lifestyle to really look and feel like.  

What do you do well and how can we build upon that?


GET a plan in place and get ready for me to hold you to it with an easy to use app for tracking and communicating.


GET living this plan and along the way figure out how to manage the curve balls life always loves to toss at us.  

Customized App 

Your plans and tasks will all be logged in an easy to use app making tracking a breeze.


Weekly check ins and "friendly" reminders when you aren't following through on what you planned. ;)


Yes, sometimes it does just simply come down to communication and having someone to talk to about what is and isn't working.

So what's the story behind this program?

Check out this QUICK video to hear why I changed up this program, why I'm offering it NOW, and why it's all because of what I'm hearing from all of YOU!


And just in case you are wondering... You’re not the only one struggling.


The chaos of life these days (hello, we just lived through a Pandemic) has changed a lot of things for a lot of people, including their approach to health and wellness. If you’re struggling to stay consistent with healthy habits, you’re not alone. 

And here's what i've learned after coaching hundreds of people - it's not as complicated as you think.  You need a program that will cheer you on and support your efforts to build healthier habits right now - you need to get that FIRST DAY under your belt.

Imagine if you could...


Get traction! Yes it is possible to stop feeling like you are always taking one step forward and two steps back.


Get eating in a way that you actually enjoy and figure out how to prepare your meals in a way that actually fits into your schedule.   


Get consistent with exercise so you don't always feel like you're "all in" or "all out". (HINT: have a backup plan in place!)

We can help...

Get Lively:

 Lifestyle Builder

A a lifestyle builder that gives you the tools, coaching, and accountability you need to build the healthy habits that last.

Let’s face it: you already have the knowledge you need to improve your health. You’ve tried all the diets. You’ve done all the exercise programs. Another one-size-fits-all solution isn’t going to change your health. 

So what can help? Support and accountability to put that knowledge into action in your everyday life - and make it fun!

That’s where the Get Lively: Lifestyle Builder comes in.

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In the Get Lively:

Lifestyle Builder

You will discover how to:

GET AWARE. What do you actually WANT your life to look like and what are you actually doing?  Awareness is POWER.

GET INTO ACTION.  You've figured out what you actually want your life to look like, so let's start taking action steps towards living that way.

GET ACCOUNTABLE.  Here's the deal, sometimes you need someone to help you figure out your next step and then hold you to doing it.  That's what I'm here for... but ultimately, we will work towards you learning to be accountable to YOU. 

I’m Jan, the creator of the Get Lively: Lifestyle Builder

I’ve spent years working as a trainer and health coach, helping my clients build a consistent approach to nutrition and exercise. 

And I know it almost always comes down to this... ACCOUNTABILITY.

We need someone to hold us to what we SAY we want to do - and that's my job...  

To help you set REALISTIC goals, to get you that initial traction, to cheer you on, and to hold you accountable when life gets hard.

I'm so excited to be offering this NEW version of the Lifestyle program which I've reimagined to address what I see as your biggest challenges RIGHT NOW.

Here’s why you’ll love The Lifestyle Builder:


You’ll get simple strategies you can apply to your life right away for quick wellness wins.

You’ll get personalized support to build habits that fit your lifestyle - not the other way around.

You’ll put a stop to the ups-and-downs of dieting and focus on small, consistent steps forward.

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Hear what previous LIFESTYLE participants have to say:

After completing Jan’s Lifestyle Program I’ve increased my water intake, cut way back on carbs, added a lot more veggies, have very little sugar, increased my exercise, take more time for myself, and lost 10 pounds. The best part of all that is that Jan taught me how to kickstart a healthier lifestyle for a lifetime.

Her enthusiasm and positive attitude is infectious and encouraging.

Jean D.

I've just finished Jan Taylor's Lifestyle program and I can't recommend it enough. In the past, I've struggled with an "all or nothing" mindset... the old "if you can't give it 100% don't bother" and as a result I so often would set unattainable goals for myself and then fail. The Lifestyle program taught me how to tackle common challenges in concrete ways and did so in an environment of humor, support and relatability. Courtney R.

I've recently finished Jan’s "Lifestyle" program. During this, Jan taught me the right way to implement healthy eating into my lifestyle. I joined with about 20 other ladies and it was great to have Jan's insight along with the input from the other members. If you are looking for a fun and lively trainer, look no further.

Jan continues to amaze me with her energy and new ideas!

Lee H.

Get Lively: Lifestyle Builder

Who This Is For: 

  • Anyone who knows what it takes to get healthier, but is struggling to put that knowledge into practice in their everyday life.
  • Anyone who has tried traditional diet and exercise programs before, and is ready to make consistent change for the long term.
  • Anyone who knows the power of support and accountability on their journey to a lively lifestyle.

Who This Is NOT For: 

  • Someone who just wants to lose weight fast with yet another diet or exercise trend.

  • Someone who is not ready to make healthy living a priority - and doesn’t want the support to make it happen.

  • Someone who doesn’t want to be held accountable to what they SAY they want.
This is for ME!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, I Want This!

Are ready to ditch the ups and downs of dieting and start living a livelier lifestyle that actually feels good?


Don’t wait! Get Lively: Lifestyle Builder starts enrolling this October.  So let's get that first WIN under your belt!

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Your Guarantee, Return, and Refund Policy

Join without risk! If you’re not satisfied after the first 7 days, you can cancel for a full refund.

Yes, I Want This!

A healthy, lively lifestyle is possible - no matter what life throws at you.


And it doesn’t require another diet or exercise program. All you need is the right team of cheerleaders encouraging you along the way!

Don’t Miss Your Chance!


Join now and get ready to create YOUR best Lifestyle, enrollment now open!

Don't you want to start feeling great NOW?  Why wait?!

Warning Of Not Taking Action Now and Pitching For One Last Time


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Lifestyle Builder


GET started with a month of coaching which includes:

  • Private Coaching Session 
  • Tracking & Accountability
  • Weekly Check ins
  • FUN!!!

Once you join, you'll receive an email from me to set up your private 30 min coaching session to get you started!

Yes, I Want This!

On-going Coaching Monthly


Continue receiving coaching and support!

We will continue working towards your health and lifestyle goals as we:

  • Make adjustments and plan accordingly
  • Check in and communicate weekly
  • Celebrate your wins!
Let's Keep Going!